Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's stop vandalism and destruction of public property

The city of Mumbai is under siege by a political party under the pretext of the release a movie. The protest against a particular actor and his forthcoming movie has also led to destruction of a few cinema halls. A year back, a number of poor north Indian taxi drivers were attacked and their taxies were damaged. We see our buses and trains burning as a symbol of public protest. Destruction of public properties become the visual symbol of any such protests.

Vandalism is also taking another form. Every year self styled moral policing by some fascist forces against valentine's day also leads to destruction of shops and restaurants. Young girls were attacked in a town a year back for visiting pubs. A well known painter's paintings were vandalised and due to threats by political miscreants, he is forced to stay out of the country.

While a democracy allows every citizen the right to protest, does it give a free pass for vandalism and allow a free for all destruction of public properties. More often than not, such destruction is instigated by political parties. This happens since there does not appear to be any punitive measures. With the press catching perpetrators of such crime quite clearly on their camera, can such evidences not be used for strict criminal action ?

Since the state governments as also central government have completely failed to take action, can the honourable supreme court step in and end this menace.

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