Friday, January 22, 2010

Life - Teachings from the game of cricket

1. For a big score, you have to have patience in shot selection, leave the good balls and wait for the bad balls to score. In life you have to have patience and take decisions while waiting for the right opportunity.
2. When playing do not get over awed by the reputation of the bowler, but judge based on the quality of each delivery. It's your technical skill and experience which helps you survive the good balls. In life it means that you can meet adverse situations by your knowledge, skills, patience and hard work.
3. When your team is in problem, you need to have loads of patience and staying power to take your team out of problems.
4. Life is a test match and not a T-20. You need technical skills, endurance and tenacity to survive and thrive.
5. When you lack confidence, it reflects in your game and so does in your life.
6. Respect the opposition, but do not get overwhelmed by them and find smart ways of winning.
7. A short lapse of concentration can cost a great innings. Similarly a rush of blood decision can cost your career.
8. The success in cricket depends on the contribution of all the team members and support staff. Similarly in life to be successful, you have to build a winning team comprising your professional team members and support groups including family members, friends and professional associates.
9. Don't be satisfied with your tall score in the previous innings. Always be hungry for more. 10. Often you end a great innings due to a rash or lazy shot due to boredom. In life you may take a drastic decision of changing your job and moving away from a potentially great career due to a short and boring phase. Be careful to avoid such a costly decision.


  1. Good Sir, You too have started Blogging. Welcome to world of Blogging.
    Personally, I feel now Indians would luv to know the teachings from the game of Hockey

  2. Thanks Prashant. I certainly agree. Having tried to play for a month in college, I know it is really a tough game and a lot to teach paricularly with respect to agility, nimbleness and need for a great team work on a continuous basis.